Automate NW.js UI testing

NW.js, previously known as node-webkit is a technology that enables a whole new way of writing desktop applications using web technologies. If you are not familier with it, I strongly suggest you get acquainted, and after you do, get back to this post. Recently I ran into this nifty module called chrome-remote-interface, a Remote Debugging Protocol interface to instrument Chrome. Quite a few of the products we develop at ironSource are based on NW.js (which is based on »

New version for node-regedit

After a very very long coding session a new release for node-regedit (v2.0.0 !!!) is out. Per the 80-20 rule, 80% of the work was fun and quick. The remaining 20% was a gory nightmare spanning several days and composed of issues in unicode characters conversion between processes, codepage difference between shell and console and other super boring stuff I won't even go into because I'm trying to erase it all from my own memory. Here is a summary »

Add tags to github stars

I am trying to encourage github to implement personal tagging feature for github stars. If, like me, you want to be able to categorize or tag your stars, just star this repo to express your support and desire for this feature to be implemented. The file contains my reasoning as to why this feature should exist at all, if you need convincing, please read it. Thanks in advance for your support. »

Back to blogging

Its been several years since I actively blogged (last post at august 2011) and I feel the urge to get back to that old habit. Since the days of the old blog and during my haitus some things have changed. Back then, I was coding in Java, .NET and Javascript (just client side js). Nowadays its javascript all over the place (node.js) with small drops of c++ every now and then. I used to be a wild freelancer ninja »