Back to blogging

Its been several years since I actively blogged (last post at august 2011) and I feel the urge to get back to that old habit.

Since the days of the old blog and during my haitus some things have changed.

Back then, I was coding in Java, .NET and Javascript (just client side js). Nowadays its javascript all over the place (node.js) with small drops of c++ every now and then.

I used to be a wild freelancer ninja living by the sword, working almost solely with early stage startups, concurrently and for short periods of time. Now I have over 2 years of tenure at a pre IPO, 500+ employees company called ironSource. I think I'm still a ninja, but not so wild anymore...

Looking back, I realized that too many stories and adventures went unwritten... and that is something I'm changing now.

By the way, My old blog: head to screen collision, is still available here. All links in the wild leading to posts in that blog have been redirected and should function properly.

Also, I want to thank the people behind Ghost, the blogging platform that powers this blog for creating such a wonderful opensource project.

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